The Prisoners of Ouaga

Country: Burkina Faso
Location: Ouagadougou
Beneficiaries: 1,400 prisoners

Nature of the project

Health and Social Care.

The Project

Since 1966 the Camillians are present in Burkina Faso as Missionaries and currently provide excellent medical service through multiple initiatives: the Medical Center of Ouaga, the Medical Center of Nanoro, and the Clinic of Kossiam.
The project is developed in the terrible reality of prisons in Ouagadougou, where Camillians give social and medical assistance to 1,400 inmates living in situations to the limits of human decency.
The prisoners live in a very small space and their daily food ration consists of few spoonfuls of porridge without seasoning. The precarious living conditions of the prisoners also do not tend to improve because since 2002 the state has budgeted, 10 Euro cents, a daily expenditure per capita for food in the prisons.
Over 58% of the prison population is awaiting trial, and almost entirely composed of people under the age of thirty. Medical care for the prisoners is carried out by a nurse who, once a day, only for a few hours, performs his job in the prison. The costs of the drugs, however, are borne by the inmates. In most of the cases, the prisoners do not have the money to pay for treatment because their families live far away or are poor or do not want to have any contact with the one who brought shame to the family. Through the project, the food security is ensured by improving the daily ration. The project also pays medical care for prisoners in hospital.


The Context

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is the sixth country in the world with the lowest Human Development Index. The 56.5% of the population lives below the national poverty line. 80% of the population lives in the rural area, where the population is mainly employed in agriculture of subsistence and of this population 94% have no access to adequate sanitation.
With a growth rate of 3.1%, the city has seen a rapid increase of its population.
The city of Ouagadougou, the capital, has about 13,000,000 inhabitants and collects most of the urban population of the country. With a growth rate of 5%, the urban population in Burkina Faso is continuously increasing due to the migration of young people from the countryside looking for work in the city.
Until now, there has been an increasingly tendency to occupy the available space in a strong and uniform way, a phenomenon which further increases the pressure on the territory. The heightened pressure on the territory caused by the continuous population growth and scarcity of natural resources hampers the rapid development of the country.
The national health system is inefficient, and the population’s life expectancy is 52.3 years. Child mortality under five is 176 out of 1000 live births.


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