Hogar de Paso

Country: Colombia
Location: Cali
Beneficiaries: the relatives of cancer patients who need rehabilitation and treatment after admission to the hospital

Nature of the project

Social and Health Care

The Project

The Casa Hogar de Paso was created to provide hospitality and lodging to cancer patients and family members who care for them, with the aim to compensate for the lack of a social welfare system to take care of poor people with cancer or leukemia.
When a person is received at the hospital, missionaries and volunteers verify what the actual economic conditions the person has. Nurses, social workers and doctors, with great professionalism and humanity, are close to these people to understand what their needs are. A volunteer accompanies the relatives to the Hogar house, where they will remain until their sick relative will be discharged from hospital and will end the period of rehabilitation. The Hogar house is managed exclusively by volunteers who are involved in the preparation of meals, house-keeping and reception. The accommodation in the house is completely free but whoever could leave a contribution. The capacity of the house for the night is limited, because of the many requests requiring a higher number of beds; the house tries to accommodate people on mattresses and mats. The Hogar house always provides clean sheets and distributes products for personal hygiene so as to teach basic hygiene to which patients need. The project allows families to cope with the disease and rehabilitation without the patients’ anxieties and fears.

The Context

Cali is the main commercial, industrial and agricultural center of the South-Western Colombia. The residential area of the town is in the south. In terms of safety, 2011 was a year to forget for Cali. The effects of the global economic crisis have increased the social problems already present in Colombia. The situation of Cali is similar to that of other large Colombian urban centers, with great social inequalities and difficulties, especially for the poorest people. Patients, who are admitted to hospitals in the city, often come to Cali from remote areas after many hours of travel, accompanied by one or two relatives. Once in the city, the relative who are to assist the patient does not have a place to go and not even the money to afford a hotel. Many of them are forced to sleep on the streets or in improvised shelters near the hospital, in not easy conditions, without even a hot meal.

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