Poor Children Nutritional Center

Country: Philippines
Location: Dolores, Samar Island
Beneficiaries: children of extremely poor families, aged between 3 and 5 years

Nature of the project

Fight against Malnutrition and poor preschool education.

The Project

The Poor Children Nutritional Center was created to give a chance to a group of children to receive adequate nutrition and take courses in preschool literacy.
The children are divided into 3 classes in which they receive a basic education through courses in hygiene, and they are taught the alphabet and fifty words both in Tagalog and English.
To improve the physical health of children and reduce cases of malnutrition, the canteen of the center, every day, preparing lunch for children, for many of them it is the only meal of the day.
The project was created in response to numerous reports of dropout of children during the first years of elementary school.
Children who attend schools in the area come from very poor families, spend the day on the road and need a lot of motivation to be able to follow the lessons. Additionally, because of malnutrition, some children have learning disabilities and can not always attend classes because they are frequently sick.

The Context

Although the literacy rate in the Philippines is 93.4%, dropping out of school is one of the scourges of society. The elementary school is attended by 24% of school-age children because of the economic problems of the family, the remoteness of the school or the use of a language different from their own.
The public school in the area of Dolores is in poor condition and each class is made up of 60 children.
There are no tables, but chairs joined together with wooden planks on the armrests and a book for every 8 students.
Due to the high number of students per class, the commitment of teachers to reduce school absenteeism is almost non-existent.

Help us 

To give books and food to the children of Dolores