Country: Indonesia
Location: Bolawolong community of Flores Island
Beneficiaries: malnourished children with ages ranging from a few months to 10 years old

Nature of the project

Fight against Malnutrition

The Project

The only existing health center in the district of Bolawolong is attended by about 200 patients a day, mostly children and pregnant women. The assistance offered by the staff is often limited to the few drugs available and some good advice.
For a year, thanks to the intervention of the PRO.SA Foundation, it was started a program that has seen initially involved about 60 malnourished children. Currently, there are 100 children who are receiving quarterly screening, guaranteed adequate nutritional program, and basic drugs. The social workers of the center visit monthly the villages to distribute to the mothers milk powder, vitamins, biscuits, rice, and anti parasitic. At the same time, mothers are gathered for the training courses for health education, hygiene and food (how to prepare meals and diversity of food). Special meetings with pregnant women are organized. For cases that require medical care, mothers can bring their children to the health center.

The Context

The island of Flores is among the poorest of the Indonesian archipelago. It has an area of 14 thousand square kilometers and 1.3 million inhabitants. The surface of the island is mountainous and most of the inhabitants are devoted mainly to the cultivation of the land and fishing. Poverty is visible everywhere. The lack of industrial development pushes young people to migrate to the larger islands in search of work, or abroad. Health care is guaranteed only to civil servants. The majority of the population is left to themselves. Malnutrition is one of the scourges of the island. The district of Bolawolong is located about ten kilometers from the town of Maumere. It lies at the foot of the mountainous area where hundreds of peasant families live.

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