Volunteering is, in all its forms and manifestations, expression of the value of the relationship and the sharing with the others. Volunteering is experience of the solidarity and practice of using subsidiaries: work for the growth of local, national and international communities. In volunteering, solidarity is based on justice.

The volunteers of the PRO.SA Foundation are those who do their work in the headquarters, those collaborating for the organization of initiatives in Italy, those promote projects to the groups of their knowledge, the professionals who provide their services in Italy and foreign countries, artists and personalities who offer, free of charge, their performance. A network of solidarity that allows to achieve important objectives and it constitutes a valuable presence testifying that is possible to "walk together" with different skills and professional profiles in a relationship of complementarity and mutual collaboration.

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Be volunteers in the headquarters of the Foundation means taking care of business related to secretarial work and fundraising. Working in the headquarters gives the opportunity to get to know how an NGO functions.


Thanks to the work of the volunteers the presence of the Foundation in various events, alongside missionaries and solidarity groups that support projects of the PRO.SA. Foundation has been continuous. The individual and group volunteers are activated in raising awareness and fundraising by involving its network of contacts in the area. There are also professionals and artists who make their professional skills available to the Foundation.


The Foundation PRO.SA, for some years, has been promoting international volunteering in collaboration with the missions in Haiti, Kenya and Thailand.

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