A support from a distance with PRO.SA

logo SAD sempliceSupport from a Distance is a program, an act of  solidarity  aimed at children, adults, families and communities in  need in every part of the world. We set as a priority the support of  children and teenagers with unique health issues, orphans or parents  who live in extreme poverty and marginalization.

Contributions to The Support from a Distance program can be done by an  individual, group, parish,  school,  company, association or  a legal person.
Choosing  Support from a Distance  means adopting a lifestyle that will enrich the lives of you and your family, knowing you have made a firm commitment in favor of someone who cannot fend for themselves and need our help, attention and support.
For your convenience, contributions can be done monthly, bimonthly or in a lump sum.

In the event a contributor needs to suspend their donation, the child, teenager, adult or family in need will not be abandoned,  our goal is to support the communities in which they live. By supporting the entire community  real and lasting progress can be accomplished.

Individual distance support

Group distance support