We are all in this together

 “We realised that we are all in the same boat, all vulnerable and disoriented, but at the same time important and necessary, we are being asked to row together. We are in this together, all of us.”

Preoccupation and sorrow for what is happening in Italy are very deep, but Pope Francis' words help us to look beyond our own boundaries, at countries where basic services are not available. Countries where the virus could have devastating effects, if preventive measures are not immediately implemented to limit its spreading.  

Fondazione Pro.Sa is accompanying many missionaries and local organisations in this difficult challenge. In many developing countries, the number of infections is still low but what is happening in Europe and in the United States convinced many Governments of Africa, Asia and South America to close the schools and to enforce the quarantine at home… even to those who don't have a house.

In Pakistan, precisely in Faisalabad Parish, we support the production of masks so that they can be distributed to the poorest people during the medical camps organised in many villages for first aid activities and prevention campaigns, like those about hand-washing.

In St. Camillus Mission Hospital of Karungu, in Kenya, women who work in the laundry are sewing surgical masks for the medical staff and for the ills.  

In Togo, at the Village of Joy, we support the purchase of chlorine, bleach for the cleaning and of hand-sanitizing gel for hand-washing. The children here, together with Sister Elisabetta and the educators, are attending workshops for the creation of masks. 

In India, we are at Camillian's side. They are having to accommodate ill people and homeless in health care centres and they also created distribution chains of food packages containing rice and legumes for survival in the poorest villages. 

In Haiti, Covid-19 is overlapping thousands of daily serious problems and we are still trying to understand and considering how we could help a population who has always been struggling to survive.  


There are countless needs all over the world…

We therefore appeal to the friends and the supporters of our projects to row with us, helping us to respond to this emergency. 





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Object: "Coronavirus Emergency in the world"






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